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we offer affordable services although the prices differ depending on the work to be done


Having the contacts of a residential locksmith Oshawa technician can be quite helpful. There are scenarios in our lives that leave us feeling frustrated or helpless such as having a great day then getting home and realizing you have lost your keys or going to your car after a shopping spree and realizing you locked your keys in the car. By retracing your steps back to the shopping mall or the office might prove futile and waste a lot of time.


Locksmith Oshawa can be much helpful in such situations by sorting you out. Oshawa Locksmith have trained their technicians properly to respond to your requests fast enough whether it is a lockout at your home, office or in case of theft and you want to replace your locks.

The way you take the services of hospitals, local police station or fire agencies seriously by always having their contacts is the same way you should treat residential locksmith Oshawacontacts. Keeping the contacts of Locksmith Oshawa in your wallet or mobile phone will always make it easy to reach them in time of need. Because having just a set of contacts in your house may not help you in case of a house lock out.


It is also important to always have your documents that show the ownership of the property since companies such as Oshawa Locksmith and many other reputable companies have to prove that you own the property before sorting you out.

It is always good to know the different kinds of locksmiths available. We have the emergency locksmith and standard locksmiths. Emergency locksmiths are at work day and night and standard ones work only at specific times. We have various companies that offer both emergency and standard services such as locksmith Oshawa and Oshawa Locksmith. It is wise to have their contacts since you will get your service no matter the time. Residential locksmith Oshawa offer great services especially in our residences cause most of the times they deal with home installations and repairs.

services we offerr
- Duplicate lock keys
- Master Key Sytems
- Damaged Lock Repair
- deadbolt & Knobs
- heavy duty locks
- 24 hour Service
- Broken Key Extract
- Peephole Installations
- Safes & Vaults
- CCTV & Alarms
- patio Door Repair
- 10 minute response
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